Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Macro: Hedera helix

I haven't posted about my ivies for some time, with good reason. I've downsized my collection considerably. I've found it impossible to keep spider mites at bay if I have to monitor more than five or six Hedera helix plants, so that's what I have now. Finding spider mites on a nearby Hoya, of all things, was the last straw.

Despite the trouble they've caused, I still think Hedera varieties are among the most beautiful plants that one can grow in the home. I think this is a good example:

Hedera helix 'Minty,' also known as Hedera helix 'Mint Kolibri.' This is one of the plants that I lost, and one of the few I will replace if/when I come across another one.

This photo is a little less macro than most, since it is not all that large when opened to full size. But doing so (two clicks) will reveal the beautiful pattern of the leaves.

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Ivynettle said...

I'll have to get rid of most of my collection, too - moving to a new apartment without suitable windows.
This is one of the varieties I really like, too... hard to decide if I'll keep it, and try to keep it alive.