Monday, April 19, 2010

Outdoor Garden, April 13-Today

More pictures from my front yard:

Bed around my maple tree. The front of the bed (east side) is pretty full, as are the north and south sides. The west side, seen here, was only recently converted to a planting bed and needs a bit of work.

Close up of one of the purple Heuchera varieties, which can be seen in the picture above

Emerging Hosta, from the north side of the tree

Lamium maculatum variety

Galium odoratum (Sweet Woodruff.) Both this plant, and the Lamium above are from the densely planted east side of the tree. There is also a maple seedling here that I need to remove. My yard is full of these this year.

Bed below the kitchen window, with barely opened tulips on the 13th.

Same bed from a different angle, a few days later, with the tulips in full color

Inside one of the tulips

A miniature strawberry plant (Fragaria variety) from the same bed as the tulips, with yet another maple seedling needing removal. While this plant is supposedly an ornamental type, it does produce a few tiny, tasty little berries each year.

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