Monday, November 2, 2009

Art Among the Leaves

As I mentioned in my post, "Eye of the Beholder" my husband Bob is an artist. One medium at which he excels is stained glass. I'm proud to have had some of my plants serve as inspiration for his work:

Hippeastrum 'Charisma' (Amaryllis)
Bob's Amaryllis panel

A really large leaf from my Monstera deliciosa
Bob's Monstera leaf panel

Anthurium 'Oklahoma'
Anthurium: my favorite of Bob's panels

The Amaryllis and Anthurium panels are 2/3s of a triptych in our kitchen hutch. The third panel is of a vase of poppies (Papaver species) which I may feature this coming summer, if the poppies I planted survive and bloom. The Monstera panel, which was made especially for me, (thanks, sweetheart) hangs in the pass-through between our kitchen and living room.

If you would like to see more of Bob's artwork (and several photographs of my plants) you can visit our family website.


mr_subjunctive said...

LOVE the Anthurium panel.

Water Roots said...

Wow, these are really good!

Ivynettle said...

If it were possible, I'd totally steal the one with the Monstera. Absolutely lovely!

Karen715 said...

Thank you all so much. We're both very flattered that you like his work.

And there is no need to steal: Bob accepts commissions. ;-)

Ivynettle said...

Sadly, just as impossible... I'm not only short on money, but on a different continent. :)

Andrew said...

Very nice. The Monstera is my favourite - love the simple blue and green colour scheme (and it's an awesome plant).