Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oh, Mr. Grant!

I have a confession to make. Occasionally, some of my plants get a bit neglected. One of those plants is my Epiphyllum 'David W. Grant.' During the fall/winter, it hangs in the spare room where we keep our cats' litter boxes, a room where I am disinclined to spend a lot of extra time. So I occasionally forget to water it. Not only that, the room has only a north window, which is not an ideal situation for an Epi. It is a bright room though, and it does get additional light reflected off of the off-white siding of the house next-door.

And how does Mr. Grant reward me for the neglect and less than ideal conditions? Like this:

Leaf with several flower buds

Epiphyllum 'David W. Grant' whole plant, showing the leaves a bit worse for wear. I moved it into the kitchen to photograph.

I've counted 12 flower/buds in various stages of maturity. And how will I reward Mr. Grant? With a summer outdoors, where it will get plenty of light, humidity and rain.


College Gardener said...

Stunning flowers! I love Epiphyllum cacti; my grandmother used to have an enormous one which would put out dozens of huge magenta flowers dripping with nectar.

Ivynettle said...

Pretty! I'm jealous! ;)

Also, I now finally know what it is that I photographed in the Munich botanical gardens two years ago.

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Beautiful red blooms on this one. Mine is pink!