Saturday, April 3, 2010

It Might Just Make it After All

When we last saw my Vriesea splendens, it was a new purchase, and I was concerned, given my track record with Bromeliads, (dismal) that it wouldn't survive. I was somewhat reassured when I noticed that it already had a pup, since its inflorescence started to fade soon after I purchased the plant. Here is that pup back in January:

Tiny bit of new growth in the very center of the "cup"

and here it is today:

Two views of my Vriesea splendens, from the top, and a side view. The pup is very much larger, and blends well with the mature foliage, making the regeneration of the plant appear nearly seamless.

In other Bromeliad news, my Neoregelia 'Zoe' is coloring up, just a little. It was mostly green and white when I purchased it, but now it is showing a hint of a blush:

Neoregelia 'Zoe' has been coloring up a bit in the spring sun

Bromeliads seem to be the hot thing in houseplant fashion, at least locally. At first I was thinking that I was just noticing them more, since I've become willing to try them. But now after some reflection, I do think they have become more readily available. It wasn't too surprising when the local nurseries began carrying more of them--they have to have a variety of plants to stay competitive in the houseplant market. But I've been seeing more and more at the box stores as well, and not just the typical Aechmea fasciata and Guzmania varieties either: both the nearby Home Depot and Lowe's have had some striking Neoregelia cultivars for sale.

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Nature Assassin said...

Awesome!! My vriesea just pupped as well... I'm obsessively checking it for progress. It's so exciting! I'll keep my fingers crossed for the health of your planty offspring.