Friday, January 29, 2010

Following up on Recent Posts

Just a couple of updates on things I've posted in the last week or so.

1. My Monstera deliciosa made it out of the bathroom in one piece:

Monstera deliciosa, back in its spot in front of the French doors

Maneuvering it out of the bathroom was even more difficult than getting it in, and getting it back on its stand was even tougher. It is a very heavy plant. But it is looking healthier and happier after its shower, so the struggle was worth it. I have moved it a bit farther from the doors, in hope of minimizing sun stress.

2. My variegated Aspidistra elatior has a new leaf:

Aspidistra elatior variegata

If I believed in that sort of thing, I would probably say that I jinxed this plant. You see, it has developed a similar problem with scale-like insects to what my plain Aspidistra had all those years ago. Honestly, houseplant pests make one understand why people used to believe in "spontaneous generation." (Wikipedia link.) Those buggers seem to come from nowhere. Anyway, I will not be using cooking spray to treat the plant. I've well and truly learned my lesson.

3. My new Vriesea splendens has a pup:

Vriesea splendens pup nestled within the foliage

Maybe I can be successful with this plant after all; if not with this generation, maybe with the next. This was a nice surprise. I thought I had pretty thoroughly examined the plant before I bought it, but somehow I missed this very obvious pup.

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