Monday, December 14, 2009

In Praise of Succulents: Sedum Edition

How do I love Sedums? Let me count the ways:

1. They are easy to propagate, in a variety of ways: Stem cuttings, single leaf, and seeds.

2. They come in a variety of foliage colors and types: Green, red, gold, and purple; variegated or plain; needle-like, flat, or rounded; shiny, matte, or glaucous.

Sedum rubrotinctum

Sedum nussbaumerianum

3. They have a variety of growth habits: Upright, creeping, and trailing, with leaves in clumps, clusters, or rosettes.

Sedum morganianum 'Burrito'

A bowl full of a Sedum variety I've never ID'd. It started as a small plant in a dish garden I bought years ago.

4. They have a variety of flower colors: Yellows, purples, and pinks--both dark and light.

5. There are tender species and hardy species, so I can enjoy Sedums both indoors and out.

Sedums in my outdoor garden: The red-leaved plant is Sedum spurium 'Dragon's Blood;' the low growing plant with yellow flowers is Sedum kamtschaticum, I believe; and the upright plant with the yellow flowers is Sedum reflexum. These were all grown from a package of mixed seed. I had to identify these on my own, so consider all IDs tentative.

Unopened Sedum 'Autumn Joy' flowers

What more could I want, except more of them?


MrBrownThumb@ChicagoGarden said...

very nice Karen.

I'm going to have to add some of those sedums to my outdoor garden. Love the upright one.

Julie said...


Sujata said...

Those sedums are so beautiful. The upright ones are really eye catching!

Rosemarie said...

Hi Karen!
It was fun to find your blog while looking for a variegated Hedera ID! I thought, "I know those eyes behind the foliage!" So I've been jumping around your entries, having fun seeing all your succulents! Neat-O! Luke looks like a nice cat too!
Happy New Year!

Karen715 said...

Happy New Year to you too, Rosemarie. It's nice to see you hear. I hope you continue to enjoy Life Among the Leaves.

Julie said...

You know, I never think I own any sedums, but I see that I actually do own a few of these! Wow...I am surprised. I am so bad with the names of mine, I tend to not pay much attention...I just fall in love with a look, and keep it at that. Makes me wonder what I blog about!!! LOLOL.