Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

As nice as Monday's photos of Hippeastrum 'Benfica' were, all four flowers weren't fully open then. Here they are now:

All flowers are open; the rear two can be seen reflected in the mirror

The photographer gets into the act. Maybe some day I'll post a picture that includes my whole face, not just an eye. Or maybe not.

And because we are headed into the weekend, it's time for pet photos. Here are some shots of Jenny and Luke back when the plant was still in bud. Jenny was curious about the plant, but Luke was more interested in going outside.

Jenny gives H. 'Benfica' a good sniff. "Oh, it's just another one of those plant things. Nothing to eat. Damn!"

Luke eyes every cat's enemy: A closed door. "Maybe if I jump up in the air, I can grab the knob between my paws and turn." (Believe it or not, he's actually tried that!)

Luke: "Oh, well at least I can look out the window." Jenny: "Hmm, I wonder if the cat is tasty? Better not risk it."

2009 was a difficult year for me, one with a number of personal challenges and losses. But there were bright spots too, one of which was having the ability to share my love of plants here on this blog. Here's to a happy, healthy 2010 for everyone!


CelticRose said...

Lol, my cats would reach up and paw at the door knob trying to turn it. I know they were cursing their lack of opposable thumbs!

Nature Assassin said...

Thanks for the good wishes. Hope 2010 is great for you, your plants, and your furbabies!