Monday, December 28, 2009

Grand Opening

Today it happened, the moment we've all been waiting for: My Hippeastrum 'Benfica' flowers opened up. (Well, okay, it's the moment I've been waiting for--humor me, please?)

Here is where we were on Saturday 12/26: Showing color.

Close-up of the previous shot, showing four unopened blooms

And here we are today, with one flower fully open, with the rest to follow shortly:

Beautiful Benfica: The flash made the red seem a bit lighter and brighter than it is.

The flower color in this photo, taken without flash, is truer to life. I love that rich wine red.

As you can see, I've dressed the plant up in honor of its flowers. I've placed the pot in a coppery wine bucket, and topped it with dried Spanish moss. (Tillandsia usneoides, I assume. It came from the craft store, so it could be faux Spanish moss, I suppose.) The moss is easy to lift when I want to check the soil for watering.


CelticRose said...


Ivynettle said...

That's a wonderful colour! I want! :)
Funny thing is, mine opened at pretty much the same time, but it doesn't look much like the picture on the tag. Oh well. It's still pretty and unusual.
Looking forwards to being able to afford a bag of potting mix and repotting the other bulbs soon.

Water Roots said...

Very pretty! I love seeing these flowers this time of year; they're so festive.