Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sansevierias, Before and After

I had planned to save this picture for a weekend "slacker" post, since it shows our two cats, Peppermint and Luke, with some plants. However, I was struck by how much the Sansevierias have grown in the three years since that picture was taken. So, since it was mild out today, I decided to take all four plants out to my front porch for some "after" shots. (All photos will open larger when clicked)

From the top: Sansevieria hargesiana, Sansevieria francisii, Sansevieria hallii, NoId Sansevieria.

Sansevieria hargesiana, three years ago, in a 6-inch pot

Sansevieria hargesiana, now

With a ruler to show current pot size

The S. hargesiana leaves are a trifle etoliated. Since it is rather unwieldy, I haven't always been able to give it a good, sunny position in the wintertime.

Sansevieria hallii has gone from one leaf to five

Sansevieria francisii, after remaining unchanged for most of the three years, sprouted an offset this summer

NoId Sansevieria, with the pot from the original picture


mr_subjunctive said...

I'm very impressed by the S. hallii in particular, but so far most of the evidence indicates that Sansevieria and I are unmixy things, because I overwater them during the winter and don't notice until spring, by which point it's too late to do anything to save them.

Also, you have a cat named "Peppermint?" How did this happen?

Karen715 said...

Peppermint is my stepson Dave's cat, and he named him. (Dave was 13 at the time--I'm not sure what he was thinking.)Peppermint also goes by the name "Bad Kitty" since whenever there is feline-induced mayhem in the house, he is behind it. Occasionally, I call him "Mr. Stevens" since his shelter name was "Cat Stevens," which I find amusing to a degree that makes my familiy wonder about me.

I treat my non-trifasciata Sans very much like my other succulents in the winter; I water maybe once a month and no more, unless they are looking unusually distressed.

S. hallii was a gift from the GW poster who now goes by the name cactusmcharris. I had another one many years ago, which I doted on, and it rotted. This one, I pretty much ignore, carewise, and it puts out a new leaf every year. I love the thing.

Nature Assassin said...

I think your noid may be either S. gracilis or S. ballyi. Just a guess.